About us

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology), which has been operating since 1989, is volunteering, non-political and non-profitable organization, which connects european student of technology and enables exchange between students around Europe with communication and cooperation with each other. It covers more than 97 LBGs (Local BEST Groups), which are based in more than 34 countries around Europe. Inside BEST there are more than 3800 active european students.

Local BEST Group Ljubljana

LBG (Local BEST Group) Ljubljana is one of the founding members of BEST. Our main goal is to connect students through organizing different events, so we take care of good cooperation between students, companies and universities, where we exchange experiences and ideas

Currently in our group operates 38 members, some of them are also active on the international level BEST. Every year, we organize events such as BEST Days of Technology and Natural science (BDTN), EBEC Local - MacGyver competition, BEST course in summer, motivational weekends and various other events.

All of our members work voluntarily at both local and international levels. With active membership they gain a lot of experience in working with groups, organization skills, leadership, and at the same time strengthen communication skills in domestic and foreign language.


Membership in the organization is voluntary, with no obligation and no subscription fees. All students of technical and natural sciences at the University of Ljubljana can become members of the organization. They help in realizing projects, promoting courses and finding financial resources. Members with their voluntary work acquire important soft skills and also travel around Europe.

Active members

Active members are the core of our organization. They organize events, learn a lot and have fun. They also travel a lot around Europe and go to various events of other local BEST groups.


Alumni are members who are no longer active inside the organization. They still attend events and advise newer members with the collected experience from previous years. Formally in BEST Ljubljana we have more than 200 alumni.

What's happening in BEST?

BEST with their events, additionally supports the knowledge acquired at universities, therefore it serves as a complementary education. It also provides support for finding a job by linking students with prospective employers and increasing educational cooperation and awareness of students about problems related to engineering. It connects student-company-universities. Through organizing and offering high quality events for students from all over Europe, it helps to develop students and provides experience.

What BEST strives for?

BEST strives to help European students in the field of international cooperation, getting to know and understanding foreign cultures, and developing the capacity to participate internationally. International connections are an excellent opportunity to learn from others and to transfer knowledge between other European students. With the help of international career events, students are expedite the way to a good job, they are constantly spreading horizons and improving their soft skills.

International organization BEST

Our organization is composed of local groups, each with its own board and its organs. In addition to local groups, we also have an international structure, which consists of an international board. It is composed of seven members: the president, treasurer, secretary and four vice-presidents. The International Board ensures the global coordination of the BEST organization and its bodies, and ensures the quality of the BEST events.

In addition to the Board, we also have departments, each with their own function:

  • Education Involvment Department: It conducts activities related to the BEST connection in education matters. It is committed to improve the education system at universities.
  • IT department: Develops website, applications and takes care for the organization from a technological point of view.
  • Design Department: Provides and designs materials for preserving the image of the BEST organization.
  • Training Department: Provides internal training in the organization.
  • Corporate Relations Department: Supports the Treasurer in obtaining resources for the organization's operation.
  • Public Relations Department: Monitor, build and maintain the external image of BEST, as it builds close relations with the media and the public.
  • Competition Department: Offers support and improvement of BEST competitions.
  • Local Group Support: Provides support to local BEST groups to become or remain full members of BEST.
  • Vivaldi Department: Supports and oversees the organization and quality of BEST events.
  • Grants Department: Collaborates with funders to provide financial support through donations.

Vision and mission of BEST

VISION: Empowered diversity - BEST promotes diversity, which is why it places great emphasis on getting to know and understanding foreign cultures, which is achieved through international connections.

MISSION: Developing students - The development of students is very important, especially at the international level. Thus, BEST offers assistance in finding employment and performing a job elsewhere.

THE VALUES OF BEST cover the most important things that serve as an inspiration:

  • FLEXIBILITY: We are adapting to changes and changing conditions.
  • FRIENDSHIP: We build good relationships in which we help, support and care for each other.
  • FUN: We have fun in BEST, as we try to introduce activities that everyone can enjoy. We work with passion and strive to share this passion with others around us.
  • IMPROVEMENT: We are constantly trying to improve standards and move the limits of our abilities by using creativity.
  • LEARNING: We gain new knowledge and understanding through experience and travel.