Laboratory for Digital Systems and Electrical Engineering (LDSE) is organizing a 2 week summer school together with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from University of Ljubljana and BEST Ljubljana (Board of European Students of Technology). The main partner of the event is INEA d.o.o.

During the summer school students will create an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based multistage parking barrier control system. Participants will build and integrate key components of a web based system using affordable hardware and open source software. JavaScript will be used for system development and user authorization will be based on blockchain technology.

Summer school will be held in English.

Desired prior knowledge: 
No knowledge of Industrial IoT, JavaScript, Blockchain or other technologies used is required but basic skills in programming engineering are strongly recommended.


Date: 21ST September - 2ND October 2020
Location: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Fee: Free
Number of participants:
Due to the current situation the number of participants is limited to 8. Any additional registrations will be put on a waiting list and are subject to previous registrants' withdrawals. So hurry up and fill out the application form.

What would you gain from event:

  • New knowledge on IoT and blockchain
  • New connections with same-interested students
  • Connections with company INEA

Last year's memories


Do you have any additional questions regarding the event?

Do not hesitate to ask us, send an e-mail to our organizing team or directly to our main organizer Jure Rebselj - or participant responsible Katarina Lenarčič -



Laboratory for Digital Systems and Electrical Engineering is involved in basic, applied and development-oriented research in the field where traditionally separated technical sciences meet and intertwine: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and informatics, and where a new technical discipline is emerging and growing: mechatronics. As an interdisciplinary group we strive to become one of the links among these technical sciences and contribute to the enforcement and development of mechatronics.

Our research activities are closely linked to our core mission: pedagogical work, in which we participate in the education and training of new generations of experts in the field of mechanical engineering and mechatronics. We transfer the results of our own research as well as foreign research and professional achievements to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as to experts in economy. Within the framework of pedagogical work, we encourage interdisciplinarity, teamwork, innovation and technical creativity, as well as the use of knowledge and scientific methods for solving practical technical problems.

Areas of activity

Our specialties are embedded microcomputer control systems and opto-mechatronic systems. We research and develop applications of programmable logic circuits in mechatronic and opto-mechatronic systems. We also participate in research in the field of laser measuring and processing systems.


INEA, d.o.o. was established in 1987 by the Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS) and has since become a worldwide provider of industrial automation, manufacturing intelligence and industrial energy management solutions. Their development is based on broad knowledge from a highly diversified team — of mechanical, electrical and computer engineers, physicists, mathematicians — and continued R&D efforts in cooperation with research institutes in Slovenia and abroad. The results of over 1000 projects have been implemented in 30+ countries on 5 continents.