Are you a student studying STEM? Do you want to learn about the properties of light, how electrical elements like LED diodes and Lasers work? Do you want to know how to properly plan lighting in a room or how to transfer data over optical fibers? Or you maybe want to know how animals produce light over chemical reactions? And at the same time do you want a bit of fun, to meet new people from all over Europe, meet different cultures and improve your English.

If answer to any of the questions is Yes, then the summer course in Ljubljana is the place to be! It will be from 12 to 19th July in Ljubljana. Your days will be filled with lectures from famous professors, company visits and workshops that will help you understand the concepts behind light as wella s newest research in the area. With 23 other students form all over Europe you will also partake in social activities, so that you get to know each other as wella s slovania trouhgh paties and by exploaring cool tourist attractions of Slovenia.

Academic part of the course is free and includes all lectures, workshops and company visits as well as meals. If you want to join in the socal activities you will have to pay the fee of 20 eur and for the weekend trip you have to pay 15 eur.

We have limited places, so hurry up with applying! You can apply till 25.6.2017 23:00 on this link. Final schedule will arrive soon.


In case you have additional questions you can contact us on this email