On March 16th and 17th, a MacGyver X competition was held, which was presented to students of the University of Ljubljana for the 10th consecutive year.

The engineering competition, which took place this year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, took place in two categories:

  • Team Design, where competitors have solved the problem of producing headlamps, and how to optimize car lights; the problem was introduced by Hella Saturnus Slovenia,
  • Case Study, where KnaufInsulation and Danfoss were looking for solutions and ideas for issues they encountered within companies.

MacGyver competition is part of the international competition called the EBEC Challenge, and it falls under the first level. The winners of each of the categories will continue on the second level (EBEC Central), which will take place in early May in Bratislava.

The following companies also contributed to the event: BSH Hišni aparati, Mahle, Domel and Schrack. For more information about the MacGyver competition, visit the competition website: www.macgyver.si.

Pictures of the event are available on our Facebook page: